The Essential 5 Platinum Program

When it Comes to Your Bottom Line, Don’t throw Away 2+ Trillion Dollars because You Think You Know it All.

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That’s right, at least 75% of business owners are leaving TRILLIONS of dollars on the table for someone else to take because they don’t understand the power contained in the Essential 5.

  • Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to connect with your clients and potential clients (I mean really connect)?
  • Have you ever asked yourself, “What’s the point to all these marketing tactics? I follow all the rules and don’t see any real return for all the time and money I invested?”
  • Do you have that sinking feeling that you are close to tremendous success but just can’t unlock the door?

As a business owner, it is difficult to juggle all the tasks involved in starting your business and keeping it running. Oftentimes, we overlook critical areas because we either 1) don’t know about them or, 2) don’t really understand what they are, therefore we tell ourselves that they are unimportant.

All too often, I meet women in business who halt the conversation at the mention of newsletters, blogs, automated e-mails, or media kits saying, “I don’t need to hear it. I’ve already goth them.” Invariably what follows is , “Besides, I don’t really think they’re doing me any good.” Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

After asking a few questions of the business owner, she reveals herself as a woman who feels stuck in her business growth and stagnant in the joy she used to derive from her work.

She is  a woman who is passionate about providing the solutions she excells at yet can’t seem to communicate her original passion in order to get her message across clearly.

She reveals herself to be a woman who delights in helping others and being their solution, yet whose message falls on deaf ears of the very clients who need her the most.

If you are like these women, you

  • are not comfortable using the standard Marketing Must Do’s and aren’t seeing the results you expected, especially considering the time you put into it all.
  • are tired of being stressed-out and financially drained with little or no time to spend with family and friends.
  • have more to say than the standard templates allow and they really don’t fit your style anyway. Your Message is BIGGER than that.
  • need more qualified leads that will result in a broader, self-sustaining base of long-term, loyal clients.
  • need an edge over the competition that sets you far above the crowd and gets your message heard above the noise.

KeysSo, why can’t you unlock the door that leads to the profitable, long-term relationships with your clients that you desire? Why won’t prospective clients listen to you? Why don’t the standard marketing methods work for you?

Quite frankly, you can’t open the door to your business desires because, when it comes to business communications, standard marketing tools are only part of a bigger picture.

Most marketing advice only touches on one of five key areas that form the base, the solid foundation upon which a stable Bottom Line is built; one that can support your business’s growth far into the future, sustaining and energizing your vision and passion along the way.

The Essential 5The Essential 5 Business Communication Tools (what I call your Business Marketing Wardrobe) that work together to make your message heard above the marketplace noise and set your business up as the solution to your ideal client’s problems are :

  1. Process Capture and Documentation
  2. Automated Correspondence (and its cousin, Direct Marketing)
  3. Newsletters and Blogs
  4. Media Kits
  5. Presentations and Speeches

By focusing on these five key areas and carefully crafting them to work together, you send a clear, consistent, well-spoken message with every communication – a message that reaches the ears of those you are meant to serve.

These Essential 5 work together to :

  • save you hundreds of hours each year in wasted time
  • save you the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually that this wasted time costs
  • increase your chances of selling to existing customers by 60%-70% while converting, on average, 20% of former customers
  • attract highly qualified buyers, reducing the number of poorly matched clients from your client list
  • present your story to the world at large, from your perspective, in your style without breaking the bank
  • set you up as the Go-To resource, the Guru in your niche.

You can see now why with each piece of the Essential 5 that you are missing, you severely limit your success. Additionally, if the pieces are poorly crafted, lacking focus, direction, and purpose then the pieces are rendered ineffective and miss their target.

As a business owner myself, I know how hard it is to sort through all of the business start-up and management advice that you hear constantly. Everyone wants you to succeed, so everyone has something that you simply MUST do in order to do so.

A self-professed webinar junkie, I have tried it all. I have read books, attended workshops and webinars, and purchased done-for-you products.  I have even tried not marketing in any official capacity because I was so fed up with seeing no return for my time, considerable effort, and financial investments.

I had reached my limit, thoroughly frustrated and disenchanted with the marketing process. I knew it was necessary but I couldn’t figure it out. I was following all the rules – sending newsletters, blogging, e-mailing, cold-calling, and doing my best with social media (hating every minute of it because none of it felt like Me) – becoming increasingly frustrated because there were no alternatives I was comfortable with. Everywhere I turned for help resulted in the same solutions.

Settling on a strategy was impossible, therefore, so was my ability to attract clients. The clients I was trying to reach couldn’t form a connection with me because none of my points of communication were cohesive, nor did they reflect my uniqueness.

All I kept thinking was, “How can I be true to who I am and still market effectively? Is there anything out there that will work for ME?

Photo courtesy of Chanel

After searching and finding nothing to solve my problem, I created my own solution. I discovered, as Coco Chanel did, that I could design, cut, stitch, and tailor a business marketing wardrobe to fit my unique business figure and style, a powerhouse of essentials that turned heads whenever I put them on. By purposely designing these pieces to be worn together, layered, I was able to amp up their WOW Factor and produce results well above the industry average.

For example:

  • My e-mail correspondence consistently generates open rates of 38.9% versus the industry average of 19.6%.
  • With careful crafting, in 6 months I increased my blog readership by 1457% while simultaneously increasing the number of posts each visitor reads per visit by 750%.

The key to this success is the understanding that these Essential 5 are essential because their power lies in their ability to initiate, develop, and nurture personal relationships with your clients.

The Essential 5 Platinum Program is a 5 month program designed to walk you through the process of creating each of the Essential 5 so that you can have these powerhouse pieces in place as the foundation of your custom fit Business Marketing Wardrobe to amp up your WOW Factor, consistently turn the heads of your ideal clients, and get the attention you and your message deserve.

This program runs for five months as follows:

  1.  1st Monday – Orientation (30 minutes to get acquainted and situated for the remainder of our time together)
  2. Month 1 – every Tuesday – Process Capture and Documentation
  3. Month 1 – every Friday – Individual check-in calls
  4. Month 2 – every Tuesday – Automated E-mails
  5. Month 2 – every Friday – Individual check-in calls
  6. Month 3 – every Tuesday – Newsletters and Blogs
  7. Month 3 – every Friday – Individual check-in calls
  8. Month 4 – every Tuesday – Media Kits
  9. Month 4 – every Friday – Individual check-in calls
  10. Month 5 – every Tuesday – Presentations and speeches
  11. Month 5 – every Friday – Individual check-in calls

After each week, you will walk away with tangible progress in assembling your Essential 5 Business Marketing Wardrobe. Each week will instill a thorough understanding of the value each of the following components holds as well as a solid understanding on how to move forward with the creation of future documents:

  1. Each week this month you will determine the components or steps involved in an Process Capture and Documentationeveryday business task and produce the official company documentation for said task. This documentation will include templates for creating consistency in the way systems are documented as well as ease in the job of documenting processes. Finally, I will show you how to compile the individual documents into an all-encompassing manual for duplication and distribution within the company.
  2. Each week this month you will work on writing a series of 12 e-mails geared at Automated E-mail Series and Direct Marketinginitiating and developing solid, long-term relationships with your clients. The goal of this exercise is to ignite the imagination and open your mind to the multitude of uses for automating e-mail correspondence as well as the invaluable wealth that automation contains, not just in attracting new clients, but also in savings of time, money, and other resources.
  3. Each week this month you will design and create the first four issues of a company Newsletters and Blog Postsnewsletter plus four blog posts. You will learn how to plan content and set a release schedule for a minimum of six months out. You will learn the various uses for a newsletter as well as tips to make production easier.
  4. Each week this month you will learn about the components of a Media Kitsbasic Media Kit that you will use for promoting your business in the media, as a means to gain exposure and attract high-level attention and clients. Other types of media kits will be discussed. You will choose the four most crucial components that best suit your business needs, then complete one of those components each week .
  5. Each week this month you will learn how to develop a presentation with pizzazz, Presentations and Speecheswhich grabs and holds the audience’s attention, imparting the desired knowledge in the process. You will design and produce a full presentation of your choosing to implement according to your needs.

Each week’s lesson is held live on Tuesdays at noon, and runs for 60 minutes via Google Hangout, Skype, or other method as appropriate for your circumstances and needs. Individual check-in calls run for 30 minutes each and are held on Fridays.

“Will I have personal time with you, Cathleen, in case I have questions specific to my project?” My program is founded on building personal connections with your clients, therefore, I make it a point to include substantial personal contact with each student. In addition to our one-on-one lesson every Tuesday, every Friday during the program we will talk personally for a 30 minute telephone chat to answer any questions and keep you moving forward.

“What if I can’t be there for some of the lessons, will I miss out?”  Absolutely not. We will work with your schedule as needed. If rescheduling is too difficult, I will record the lesson and send it to you, along with any worksheets or other materials. In fact, all calls are recorded and sent to you so that you may refer to them indefinitely.

Money Back - Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis“What if I am not happy with the course?”  Not to worry. I am so confident that you will see and reap the value of this program that, as long as you have fully participated in the program (with the finished assignments to prove it)  and we determine after a discussion that the course is not providing you the value I promised, I will refund all of your investment over the non-refundable deposit. Period.

This program is all about getting you started on establishing your Essential 5 Business Marketing Wardrobe that will turn all the right heads to get you heard and noticed in the room full of marketing messages, that will attract your ideal clients by communicating your unique magnetism, and that will have you prepared for any occasion the instant it arises (even your stint on Oprah).

In the process, you will eliminate the stress and frustration that come with not having a plan, wasting time, and wasting money because the Essential 5 Platinum Program will get that plan in place, get back those wasted hours, and stop the outflow of money that you have been throwing away.

The Essential 5 Platinum Program will also help you join the ranks of the 25% of Fortune 500 Business to Business companies that have full access to the 2.05 TRILLION dollars that clients are spending to find the right solution to their problems – the unique problem that only you can solve for them.

Make your first step to success today. Take advantage of my 32 years experience and extensive training in establishing superior client relationships. Call me today at 1-978-238-8107 to sign up for the Essential 5 Platinum ProgramYour success starts as soon as you say “YES!”.

Your investment for this program is $4997. This includes a non-refundable deposit of $1250. Since I realize that making an investment in yourself can be a scary thought (“Am I really worth it? This money could go for more office supplies, I shouldn’t be spending it on me.”), in addition to my money back guarantee, I have put together two extra payment plans that will make it easy for you to make the investment in your success.

  1. Pay in Full – $4497
  2. 3-Pay as follows:
    1. Payment to reserve your spot – $1697 at time of purchase 
    2. $1697 charged 30 days after initial payment
    3. $1697 charged 60 days after initial payment
  3. 5-Pay as follows:
    1. Payment to reserve your spot – $1097 at time of purchase
    2. $1097 – charged 30 days after initial payment
    3. $1097 – charged 60 days after initial payment
    4. $1097 – charged 90 days after initial payment
    5. $1097 – charged 120 days after initial payment

I want so much to help you succeed that the program I have designed has a total a la carte price of $9997. By signing up today, you are saving $5000.

Please note: Because I take your privacy seriously, it is my policy to take all payment information over the telephone (1-978-238-8107), processing the purchase as we speak. If you prefer to make the payment yourself on-line, please click the roses to be taken to my secure on-line product page.  

Don’t put your success on hold any longer. Call me today at 1-978-238-8107 to Sign-up for the Essential 5 Platinum Program today.

Sign Me Up Today, Cathleen!

Sign Me Up Today, Cathleen!

 Sign Me Up, Cathleen! 


The Essential 5

Hello, Everyone. As promised, here are the links to the webinar materials discussed in class, plus a few extras I couldn’t help but share with you.

Sign Me Up Today, Cathleen!

This is a worksheet that I created while trying out a new Process Capture tool – Smart Draw. I have not tested it fully yet, though it looks like a great product.

Essential 5 Action Plan

Essential 5 Action Plan

Here is the link to my newsletter The Pencil Box .
Here is the worksheet we used during the presentation.Priority Plan

The link below is the replay of the webinar.

The 5 Essential Business Communication Tools that Set You Apart (and Faithfully Attract the Clients You Are Meant to Serve)

Sign Me Up Today, Cathleen! Sign Me Up, Cathleen!

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